GDPR for HR Professionals and Employment Lawyers

Terms and Conditions

  1. You will receive a model GDPR compliant data protection policy, access to an online video seminar on GDPR for HR Professionals, and an accompanying book (collectively, the products).
  2. By purchasing the products, you are entering into a contract with Employment Law Services Limited (a company owned by Daniel Barnett).  Daniel Barnett is not a party to the contract.
  3. The products do not contain or amount to legal advice.  They contain non-bespoke guidance and have been created and prepared as a generic guide, not with your organisation's requirements in mind.  If you require legal advice, please contact a data protection consultant or specialist lawyer.
  4. The GDPR policy should be tailored by you to reflect your specific requirements following a data audit in accordance with the legislation, guidance and Codes of Practice issued by the Information Commissioner. The policy is designed to be used in conjunction with a data retention policy and a data security policy, which will be standard across your organisation and not specific to HR.  The policy assumes that you do not send data outside the EU or engage in automation/profiling.
  5. Any liability for negligence or error, or any losses caused by reliance on the products, is limited to the price paid to Employment Law Services Limited for the products or £250, whichever is the greater.
  6. The products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year.  You will receive a full refund if you contact us and request a refund within one year of purchase.
  7. If you are an HR Professional, you will be offered a free month's membership of Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle with your purchase.  If you accept, then:-

    (a)  the membership is subject to the terms and conditions set out at

    (b)  after your free month's membership, your payment card will be charged monthly at £86+VAT until you cancel your membership.  You may cancel membership at any time, including during the free month.

  8. The GDPR policy comes with a licence to resell or give away copies to your professional clients or prospects provided it is not offered for sale or giveaway in the public domain, particularly on social media.