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First, would you like a £100+VAT Discount on the GDPR package for HR Professionals?

Take a free trial run of Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle for one month and pay just £297+VAT for the entire GDPR package.  Here's what members of the HR Inner Circle receive:

  • A monthly CD or .mp3, containing practical HR advice, legal tips, shortcuts, and sometimes a short seminar on a hot employment law or HR topic. Recent subjects include Retirement, Stress at Work, and Everything you always wanted to know about Grievances. The March 2018 CD (which you'll get as part of your free trial) is: Is Your Employee Disabled?
  • A monthly online Q&A session, with Daniel offering personal support and helping you solve all your HR problems and employment law issues.
  • A monthly magazine, packed with content to make your life as an HR Professional easier. The March 2018 edition (which you'll get as part of your free trial) has articles including: Disciplinaries where the employee claims discrimination; tricky PILON issues; How to deal with an employee who misses wok for plastic surgery; Pay secrecy at work; and much more
  • Access to an exclusive online private members area on Facebook where you can post questions and discuss workplace disputes, toxic employees and other difficult HR problems, tapping into the knowledge and experience of other members of the Inner Circle, all within a confidential, no-holds-barred environment.
  • An invitation to the HR Inner Circle Annual Conference, taking place this year in London on 1 October 2018. It's the ultimate networking event for ambitious HR professionals, wanting to learn from the best names in the business. Hosted by Daniel Barnett, you'll hear from the most charismatic and entertaining speakers both inside and outside the HR community. There'll be fantastic networking opportunities and the chance to absorb up-to-the-minute best practice and implementation strategies. Free for members, this annual event costs £797+VAT for non-members
  • Access to a secret '' email address which you can use if you have an urgent, important employment law issue. This is a unique opportunity to consult with Daniel in person, normally on the same day as your enquiry, in a 30 minute 1:1 telephone consultation. You may use this service as part of your membership once a year after you have been a member for six months.
  • Substantial discounts on Daniel Barnett's other products, and sometimes complimentaty places at his seminars. For example, members of the HR Inner Circle received this GDPR data protection policy, the online seminar and the accompanying book free as part of their membership.

Membership of the HR Inner Circle costs £86+VAT after the first month.  You may cancel your membership at any time.  If you cancel during the first month, no membership fees will be charged to your card.

One Year Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with the policy, the online seminar or the book, we'll give you a refund - with no questions asked.  Just email us on and we'll pay you back every penny.

Daniel Barnett

What Others Have To Say

  • Ellie King, HR Manager, RWE Technology
    Ellie King, HR Manager, RWE Technology - Daniel Barnett is an inspirational, walking and talking ‘how to understand mind-boggling employment law’ handbook!

  • Wesley Auden, HR Manager, Victim Support
    Wesley Auden, HR Manager, Victim Support - Daniel’s insights, based on his extensive experience and knowledge, are both eye-opening and eye-watering.
Yes, I'd like the £100+VAT discount on the GDPR Pckage. I'd also like a free month's membership of the HR Inner Circle
I understand my card will be charged £297 (not £397) + VAT now. I will also pay £86+VAT per month for my membership of the HR Inner Circle after the first month (the first month is free). I understand I can cancel my membership at any time.
No thank you, I don't want the discount or the free month's membership of the HR Inner Circle. I'd like to go ahead and just buy the GDPR Package.
I understand my card will be charged £397+VAT.

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